Nishant is an entrepreneur and technology executive. As VP of Engineering at Palo Alto Networks, he was responsible for multiple cloud security products. He led the acquisitions of RedLock, Evident and their integration within Palo Alto Networks. Before that, he co-founded CirroSecure - a SaaS security startup that was acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2015. Optimization of engineering teams across people, process and technology is a challenge he has overcome throughout his career. As a result, breaking silos between teams everywhere is a problem that he is committed to solving.

Nishant Doshi
CEO and Co-Founder

Harsh is a seasoned technologist, having built several large scale systems and products at Palo Alto Networks. He is very passionate about DevSecOps, Best Practices and has been a speaker at many industry events. He was the founding engineer at CirroSecure and helped scale the product to scan billions of objects across hundreds of applications. He holds a B.S and M.S degree in ECE from Carnegie Mellon University.

Harsh Jariwala
CTO and Co-Founder
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