Don’t Run Your Engineering Team With Intuition & Spreadsheets

Automate KPIs and predictive insights for engineering leadership.

Automate engineering processes across tools and teams.

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Top Challenges Running A Software Factory

We surveyed 100s of engineering leaders, engineers and program managers.

Lack of Data-Driven Decisions

The new development age requires collecting KPIs and insights for security, quality, and velocity, both pre and post-deployment across multiple tools. Most teams don’t have the bandwidth and resources to surface this data.

Growing SDLC Underbelly

As a product grows, technical debt, security, quality, and operational issues compete for new feature delivery resources.

Manual Processes for Development, Security and Operations

Most organizations use manual processes such as emails, spreadsheets, tickets, meetings, or homegrown tools to manage various tasks, which overburdens the tools and program management teams, leading to essential things ‘slipping through the cracks.’

LevelOps Engineering Success Platform

LevelOps has built an industry-first Engineering Success Platform that provides analytics and automation of various software development processes.

Automate KPI Collection

Make data-driven decisions by automating KPI. Get cross-tool insights and visibility to compare with industry benchmarks.

M/L Driven Insights

Identify systemic problems rather than chasing symptomatic issues. LevelOps analyzes issues and clusters them into thematic groups using machine learning.

Bottleneck Discovery

LevelOps identifies processes, and people bottlenecks. Highlights the risk areas and hot-spots in code and tools.

Playbooks for Failure Forensics

Automate the routing of pre & post deployment failures to the right team or team members. Improve resolution times by giving the full context of the failure to the right developer.

Security & Compliance Automation Playbooks

Automate the communication and follow up processes between the Security, Compliance, and Engineering teams. Conduct and track security reviews and compliance audits.

Improve Tool Hygiene

Enhance processes and improve the data quality of your SDLC tools. Measure and understand the impact of these improvements.

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Every engineering leader strives to run an efficient organization. Without understanding where the bottlenecks are in the processes, achieving a high-efficiency level is impossible.

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